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Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service

Premium quality laundry service at your doorstep

Sometimes visiting our warm and welcoming store in Dau, Mabalacat is simply not possible – sad but true.

While every visit should ideally be done during your free time, there may be occasions when you’re stuck in the office or at home. You also might be with a friend or a loved one and you just can’t find the right time to drop off you laundry.

For these occasions, we are pleased to announce that we are now offering PICKUP and DELIVERY. 

convenience at your fingertips

At Soak N Relax, we pride ourselves on the quality of the service we provide – prompt laundry and iron services to customers that are always on-the- go, like students and professionals. 

“We believe that our customers should not let the small tasks and long to-do lists get in their way to spend more time with their family and careers.
To make that possible, Soak N Relax (SNR) wonderful staffs are here to delight customers through our warm and personalised service.”

Guidelines for pickup and delivery service

    1. Soak N Relax (SNR)  service representative, will send a form to you to fill up to be forwarded to our FB Messenger or Phone Number. 
    2. Pick up schedule will be from 9-11am & 1pm-4pm and delivery schedule will be from 5-9pm Monday to Saturday. For Sundays or separate schedules, you can directly contact us for booking and rates.
    3. Special Rate for Soak N Relax clients for pickup and delivery of clothes will be provided by the assigned  service representative 
    4. SNR will securely package the items to prevent unauthorized opening of it as the rider delivers. In the event that the client is contesting for a missing piece of clothing, We will not be liable for this as long as the acknowledged form has been accepted by the staff in a complete and accurate manner. Client must notify Soak N Relax within 3 days from completion of order for any lost or damaged items from that particular order, failure to do so constitutes waiver of a claim for any lost or damaged items from that order.
    5. In case of rain, extreme traffic and unexpected delays, We will coordinate with you to explain and adjust the situation and adjust the time to finish the task.
    6. Official Receipts will be forwarded to the client via official messenger of SNR. 
    7. Laundry fees will be collected from the clients upon delivery. Same price as in-store service and no markup.
    8. Soak N Relax  reserve the right to change or adjust these guidelines from time to time without prior notification, to serve you better.

How to order pickup and delivery

    • Send a message to us via FB Messenger or Phone Number. 
    • Chat with the service representative and place your order by selecting from available pick up times.
    • At the scheduled time, we drop by you home, dorm or office to pick up your laundry.
    • We take your laundry back to our shop to be processed and your clean clothes are returned nice and crisp the next day.