How to Dry Clothes in Rainy Season

how to dry clothes fast in rainy season

Rainy season is in full swing in the Philippines. This means that drying clothes is also twice as difficult, even if you have a tumble dryer at home. How to dry clothes fast in rainy season? Here’s a few tips you can use:

Tip No. 1

Remove excess water from clothes as much as you can. You can either wring them or use a towel to remove the excess water. Get a large towel, spread it out, and then put the wet clothing on it. Roll the towel and press to remove the water then allow the towel to absorb it. You can do this as often as needed until there’s minimal water left to dry in your garments.

Tip No. 2

Hang your garments where there is sufficient flow of air. Leave enough space in between clothes to allow air to pass and do not overcrowd. You can also use a fan to help with the circulation of air and for faster drying.

Tip No. 3

For smaller items such as socks, underwear, or other light undergarments, you can dry them using a hair dryer. Be careful not to place the dryer too close though because it may create damage especially for very light materials such as silk.

drying clothes

Tip No. 4

Hang laundry properly. Not only does it make the garment dry faster, it also prevents clothes from drying with wrinkles or getting a foul smell. Use the appropriate hanger for shirts, underwear, or even linen. Remember not to hang them too close to each other and allow enough space for air to circulate.

These simple tricks will save you from ending up with wet and foul smelling clothes. We hope you the tips on how to dry clothes fast in rainy season useful. These tricks also work when you need a particular dress or shirt that you need to wash for an last minute event. If you simply do not have the time to do so, let Soak N Relax help you.

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