How to Remove Underarm Stains on Shirts

Stains on shirts may be difficult to remove, especially in the underarm area. They can appear yellow and crusty on the light colored fabrics or as a darkened area on dark fabrics. Since this type of stain is one the most difficult ones, we will need to work more to remove it. Let’s start the process and discover how to remove underarm stains on shirts.

What do you need?

You will need an old toothbrush, laundry detergent, gloves for hands protection and clear ammonia. To make an appropriate solution, mix 1-part detergent to 1-part ammonia. We recommend wearing protective gloves during the mixing, because the mixture can burn your hands.

How do you treat the stains?

Flip the shirt inside out and place it over a towel, preferably white, to avoid the possibility of color bleed. Use the mixed solution and apply it over the entire area of the underarm stain. Using the toothbrush, rub the mixture lightly into the shirt. This will help the solution to penetrate the material.

Make sure to scrub the area thoroughly, then leave it for about 20 minutes. After that, just wash the shirt regularly, if possible, in lukewarm water. Have in mind that whenever you use strong means of stain removal, there’s a possibility that the color of the fabric will become lighter or there might be a change of appearance.


Don’t worry, if you’re not going to wear the shirt because of the stain, you won’t need to stress if the stain removal damages the fabric. Please make sure to use higher quality detergent, because you may be disappointed with cheaper detergents and their effect.

In case you are not sure how to do this or you are busy, feel free to visit our shop. We are open every day and we will take care of those stubborn stains for you.


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