Laundry Care Symbols: How To Read Them

laundry care symbols

What are laundry care symbols?

You may be asking yourself, “laundry care symbols”? What are laundry care symbols? What do these symbols mean? Do you need to know what these symbols really mean? Read through and you’ll find the answers to all those questions.

Laundry care symbols are a pictograph which represents a method of washing, it is attached to the clothing to indicate how the particular items should be washed or cleaned best. It provides helpful information that can save you some time and money. It is important to know these symbols so that you can ensure how to properly treat your garments when laundering, drying, and ironing. Here are some quick guides to help you read the care icons on your garments.

Types of laundry care symbols

Wash Symbols

The washtub shape filled with water tells you how to wash the items, and what temperature of machine settings to use.


Bleach Symbols

The triangle symbols explain how to care for your garments with bleach. It may not always appear in the garment but when you see this symbol make sure to follow them especially when handling your favorite colored clothing.

Drying Symbols

The Square or the box symbols explain how you should dry your garments, and whether or not the items can be placed in the dryer, line dry, or drip dry.


Ironing Symbols

The Iron symbol explains how the specific garments should be ironed. The dots on the symbol correspond with the temperature settings of your iron. The more dots you see on the label, the more heat on the iron can be applied.

Dry Cleaning Symbols

The circle symbols explain how the garments should be dry cleaned.


There you have it., I hope you found this helpful. Remember to follow this guide to care for your clothes, and always read the instructions provided on the tags. Still baffled by the laundry care symbols on your garments? No time to know all these confusing icons? It’s not a problem, just bring your laundry to our shop and let us take care of it for you.


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