Wrinkle-Free Laundry

wrinkle-free laundry

Improper sorting of loads, too many items in washer, use of incorrect wash and dry cycle, and leaving clothes in the dryer after tumbling stops are a few reasons why our clothes wrinkle in the washer and dryer. Wrinkle, rumpled clothes are not a cute look, unless it’s intentional. Here are a few fixes that you can do for a wrinkle-free laundry.

Proper Segregation

One of the first and important things in doing laundry is the segregation. Segregate your laundry by color, whites with whites, dark with dark, and pastel color with pastels. Have in mind that sorting of laundry does not end only by colors, for best results in preventing wrinkle, segregate your laundry by fabric types and weight.

Do not wash clothes with towels or bed linens. Avoid laundering heavy items with lighter items. For instance, washing white t-shirt with white towels can cause the lighter items to be crushed by the weight of the towels. Also washing light dark t-shirt with dark denim jeans, heavy jeans will crush your lighter items. Lastly, make sure to use a proper amount of your favorite fabric softener to ensure wrinkle-free laundry.

Proper Loading and Setting of the Dryer

By having your laundry sorted out correctly before washing, you will also reduce wrinkles in the dryer. Lighter items, dry much faster than heavier fabric like denim. The more time they spend in the dryer the more likely they will overheat and wrinkles can become deeply set. Make sure to dry only one washer load at a time and not to combine loads.

Clothes naturally end up twisted and tangled together in the last spin of the washer, whether you own a front load or a top load machine. To eliminate wrinkles, you must untangle the clothes before putting them in the dryer.

Clothes and linens need to tumble freely in the dryer. If they are twisted when put in the dryer less surface area is exposed to the heat. It means that it takes longer to dry them. Make sure to un-wad them and gently shake them out. They should be nice and fluffy when moving from washer to the dryer. Also choose a setting on your dryer that includes a cooling time. Hot clothes may wrinkle more easily than cool ones.

Unload Your Dryer Correctly

When the dryer stops, the motion of clothes stops. Clothes that are piled on top of each other will wrinkle due to their positions and the weight of other clothes around them. To avoid unnecessary wrinkling, take your clothes out of the dryer as soon as the cycle stops.

Give each item a strong snap to remove any clinging smaller items and start smoothing out wrinkles. Hang the items properly that need to be hung. If your laundry got too dry, a misty spray of your favorite scented finishing spray will help loosen the fibers. Items that you don’t want to hang like linens and towels should also be snap-straightened and then hand pressed on a flat counter. Fold neatly while continuously pulling edges straight. Never cram clothes into an overcrowded closet, give your clothes space for air to circulate.

Final Tip

If clothes are slightly wrinkled after storing in your closet, wet a cotton towel, wring out excess water and toss it together in your dryer. First set your dryer on the highest heat setting and set it for 15 minutes, then toss in your clothes with the wet towel and add a small handful of ice cubes, then press start. As the ice cubes melt they create steam that reduces wrinkles. While you wait you can dance, cook, shower, and any other fun non-ironing stuff. And poof!!! Wrinkle-free laundry.

Follow these simple steps and you will have a wrinkle-free laundry without the need of iron. Too busy to do all this? Let Soak N Relax help you, visit our shop and let us take care of your laundry needs for you.


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