Common Filipino Myths About Laundry Services

filipino myths

The traditional Filipino way of doing laundry is washing clothes by hand. Over time, we have slowly embraced new methods of washing and drying clothes. Most people in the Philippines now either have their own washer and dryer, or they use the services of local laundry shops.

However, there are still a lot of people who do the traditional way of washing clothes and are still skeptical about going to laundry shops. Here are some of the most common reasons for Filipino myths about laundry shops.

Myth: Washers do not clean well

Truth: They do!  And when done properly and professionally, you can even have cleaner, better clothes washed by machines.  Some machines are designed to have cycles that can clean even the most stubborn dirt and stains.

Myth: Washers can damage clothes

Truth:  So does hand washing.  Not all clothing are designed to be hand washed. There are certain types of clothing that requires extra care that only professional laundry services can provide.

Washers also have different types of setting that are suitable for different types of clothing as well.  Damage on clothes is more likely related to the normal wear and tear rather than washing using machines.

Myth: They use low quality detergents in laundry shops

Truth: Laundry shops use the correct type of detergent needed for each type of clothing. Soak N Relax only uses detergents that are of good quality to deliver cleaner clothes to their customers.

The detergents used are also hypoallergenic and will not irritate customers who have sensitive skin.

Myth: I don’t want my clothes mixed with other people’s clothes

Truth: There’s a strict process that laundry shops follow when sorting clothes for washing. Once received, they are sorted, weighed, and then tagged to make sure they properly accounted for. At Soak N Relax, clothes are treated like they are our own. Properly handled, washed, and handed back to their rightful owners.

The only exception to this rule is the ‘per item’ type of service. Naturally when you only have a single shirt to service, it will be combined with other items when washed. But rest assured that the clothing is still properly handled and treated.

Myth: It’s expensive

Truth: It’s not.  In fact it’s reasonable to have clothes washed at laundry shops. Remember that you are not paying for the wash service alone. Included in what you pay for are power, water, detergent, plus the drying and folding services.

That’s automatic savings on electricity, water, and detergent. It also rids you of body aches like back pain especially when washing blankets or heavy jeans. Most importantly, you get free time which you can spend with your kids or family. And this is the most important benefit you can get when choosing to have your laundry done by laundry shops.

It’s time to debunk these Filipino myths and try new methods of doing laundry.