How to Choose the Proper Dryer Settings


Dryers these days are more powerful and more confusing than they were years ago. With different heat levels and an array of cycle options it can get tricky figuring out which cycle to use. That’s why choosing proper dryer settings is crucial when drying your garments. It will protect your clothes from shrinking, fading, and wrinkling. Learning how to select the proper settings will not only help your clothes look their best, it will also save you energy which means saving some money as well.

To make your life easier and less complex, we compiled a few references that are quick to follow.

Dryer Settings

Air Dry/Air Fluff/No Heat

The name of this cycle says it all, the dryer simply pulls in room temperature air, tosses your clothes and makes them fluffy (it’s so fluffyyyy). It renders a safe way to freshen your garments without the need of heat. It also removes dust, lint, and pet hair, by drawing it into the dryer filter screen.

This cycle is also great for freshening dry clean only clothes, or those that were stuck in the closet and smell a bit musty.  Note that this cycle won’t dry wet garments.

Normal/Regular Cycle

This cycle has two selections:

1. Automatic dry, it uses a moisture sensor to determine if your clothes are dry, and

2. Timed dry, which you can select the time you think your garments need to dry.

Whichever you choose, note that this cycle will use the highest temperature available in your dryer, so remember to toss in heavy garments only. It works best for white clothes, sheets, jeans, and garments with fabric that can withstand the beating.


Delicate/Gentle Cycle

Got exquisite garments? The name of this cycle reveals it’s concept already. It’s a gentle drying cycle that is best for delicate fabrics such as, spandex, women’s delicates, like bras and panties, as well as loose woven, rayon, silk, and garments with embellishment. It uses low heat which is perfect if you’re in a pinch. It will not only save you from heartache by burning your spandex accidentally, it will also save you money, and will keep your delicate garments unscathed.

Permanent Press Cycle

The concept of this cycle is to minimize the wrinkles on your clothes and to prevent your colored garments from fading. This cycle uses a medium intensity of heat to prevent damage and wrinkling that high heat can cause. It also has a cool down period of around 10 minutes at the end. That uses only room temperature air to help relax the fabric.

Steam Cycle

This cycle is optimal for freshening up clothes that don’t need to be washed yet, but need a little fresh smell and wrinkle removal. This feature is only available in the newfangled dryers. It creates steam autonomously within the drum, then it penetrates and moisten clothes deeply which has a softening effect that reduces wrinkles. Also, because steam can reach high temperatures it effectively sanitizes clothes which helps eliminate that obnoxious smell.


Remember, using the correct dryer settings will give you less headache. It will not only save your electricity bill it will also help your clothes stay intact. If you really want to trim down your power bill, try to use your dryer less often or not at all by letting us do the laundry works for you. Soak N Relax Laundry Shop has professional laundry attendants that will attend to your laundry needs, whether it’s washing, drying, or ironing, our attendants will take care of it for you.

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