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In today’s busy world, managing time to balance everyday chores and errands can be quite a challenge. More often than not, the time supposed to be spent for family is being compromised so we could accomplish these chores.

This is what we had in mind when the business was established in April 2016.

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Professionals in the area.

Soak N Relax Professionals in the area

We cater to a large number of residential clients but our services extends to more than that. We provide prompt laundry and iron services to customers that are always on-the- go like students and professionals.

Soak N Relax is also the ONLY laundry service in the Province of Pampanga that provides a per item pricing.

In times of emergencies like immediate job interviews where you need help with just your jacket alone or even your socks, Soak N Relax can definitely help you with that.

Reliable, quality laundry partnered with unparalleled customer service is what Soak N Relax is all about.


High service quality that will meet and exceed our client's expectations.


Business minded approach that will provide a peace of mind.


Delivering you a decade of experience from hospitality laundry care.


Paying attention to detail in order to cover all requirements.

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